Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Choosing the Best Tablet - iPad, Playbook, TouchPad or Android?

In early 2010, the user is not as much as this tablet. In fact, can be called nothing. Although Microsoft already has a tablet PC for almost a decade earlier, but the tablets made by Microsoft is quite heavy, relatively short battery life and experiencing problems in the desktop OS is not optimized for use in mobile tablet.

Then in April 2010, Apple was the one who opened the world with the launch of the iPad tablet 1. Apple took a big advantage with the first tablet was hers. Since then many companies are vying then follow Apple's success by co-producing tablets.

Nowadays you can find a variety of tablets that will meet your needs in mobile computing. Of the many on the market, it is most appropriate and should you choose? In this article Gopego will help you find the best tablets for you.

1. Apple iPad: the first and best

Label as 'the first tablet' should be recognized as one of the features iPad. It is very profitable for the iPad because when someone is thinking of going to buy a tablet, then that comes to mind is the iPad. At least that's what happened last year when Android tablets have become rampant as now.

Apple has had an iPhone since 2007 and it is a good form of training before a person using the iPad. If you have been able to operate the iPhone and iPod, then it will not have trouble with the iPad. In addition iPad also supported by Apple's App Store so that any application you need to be there. iPad also has long provided support by providing the widest choice of many media. For example, iTunes has support for music labels also film and television content.
 If you want a tablet with a wide screen but still lightweight and offers full application support as well sophistication, the iPad is in the top list you should look. But if you prefer a smaller tablet, require Adobe Flash or want to customize the settings by fiddling with the tablet, then the answer is not iPad.

iPad (+): Support a full application, media and accessories, solid user experience; stability of the whole; satisfactory performance.
iPad (-): Do not have a number of important features that many users want: (1) widgets (2) the notification that is often disruptive, (3) customization of the options.

 2. BlackBerry Playbook: masters Flash but where his email?

Research In Motion (RIM) took a bold step by not using the BlackBerry OS on their first tablet; PlayBook. BlackBerry OS does not develop and can not compete with other mobile OS such as IOS and Android. And RIM has made the right decision to not wear it on Playbook.

With the QNX OS, 7-inch tablet that brings many outstanding features such as multitasking and Flash support. Browsers are also able to work fast, so with the speakers and gestures.
But keep in mind third-party apps for Playbook is very hard to find and seem slow for join RIM. That is the main reason why the BlackBerry Playbook experienced sales movement like a snail. That's because the user becomes bored with the default application and it was hard to get other applications to Playbook.

The second is the lack Playbook in an email. PlayBoook released without the native email client, so for your email needs must access it from a browser. Indeed it could work well but every time you want to check email, you should open a browser and do a refresh: (. But if you also have a Blackberry phone is compatible, the Playbook can access email via bridge mode.

Playbook (+): perfect multitasking, Flash support, security is assured.
Playbook (-): very few applications, there is no native email.

3. HP TouchPad: very promising if you want to be patient waiting for the application
By using a WebOS platform, HP TouchPad is a new breakthrough in the tablet market. The shape is very similar to the iPad with the same display size, 9.7 inches. But it certainly will be a new experience for its user interface has not been as popular as IOS or Android.
  Broadly speaking, TouchPad with BlackBerry Playbook: lack of application support. However you will be very satisfied with the performance of browsing. E-mail settings are also very good although still slightly below Google. Multitasking is perfect as in the Playbook. Another advantage is the presence of Synergy; that unites the contact information from various sources and a solid messaging system that can integrate video Skype, Google Talk and other platforms in a single application. Notification system in webOS can be called the best compared with other OS features a unique sliding pane for display the email.

TouchPad (+): Can be called as an owner notification multitasking and best, option for wireless charging.
TouchPad (-): very new and is a pilot project so that improvements are still ongoing, has very few applications, the lack of media options.

4. Google Android tablets: many choices is not always good
 Android is not just a single tablet. By giving permission for hardware manufacturers for use the Android OS so now you can see there is the Android tablet 7 inches, 8.9 inches, 10 inches, some are even equipped with a 3D camera. There is also equipped with dock for USB ports, memory card slots and a full keyboard support. Manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola and even OEMs such as Huawei and ZTE are also released Android tablets.

Although Honeycomb is the first tablet platform from Google but it does not mean it is the perfect platform for tablet. In fact there are still stability problems such as crashes or applications that are not compatible.

However, with Android 3.1 stability problems have been sufficiently reduced and later with the Android 3.2 is said to be able to solve problems with applications. For some reason, application developers do not seem to rush to make applications for Honeycomb. The reason is simple: when the first release of Motorola through Xoom (Feb 2011), Honeycomb seem too forced and not fully ready for release.

But if you're used to using Gmail, Google Talk and Google Maps video calling, then all applications that can run perfectly in the Android tablet. New services such as Google Music and Google Videos to rent and stream the movie is also very promising. Multitasking on Android is also very effective.

Android (+): Integration with all Google services, lots of choice both in terms of hardware, brand, size and price display.
Android (-): Stability is a major problem, the media service is very limited but is currently still under development.

Broadly speaking there are four options to choose from tablets. Well, hopefully the above explanation Gopego can help you choose the most appropriate tablet:)

Blackberry App World Reached 1 Billion Download

After previously won the App Store number 15 billion for downloading applications, now turn to the BlackBerry App World of teeth. Online store for BlackBerry smartphones and software programs Playbook tablet has reached the 1 billion donwload. Since it was first launched in April 2009, the BlackBerry App World showed a less rapid growth when compared with its competitors, Apple first launched in July 2008.

In view of the numbers achieved by Apple, 5 billion of the total amount won in the last 6 months. Here it seems that the App Store only take 6 months for reach the numbers trying to be achieved by more than 2 years of RIM, and RIM is also still can not reach the number of digits the last 6 months. As another comparison, the Android Market has reached 4.5 billion applications downloaded in June since it was launched in late October 2008.

The reason for this slow growth has not been confirmed officially by the RIM. But some rough development and lack of adequate guidance potentially be a major factor. Playbook developers complained about the lack of explanation and needs to pay for a copy of Vmware Fusion for get started.

BlackBerry platform itself also has a problem, your BlackBerry will not have full support to the 3D content to the BlackBerry Bold 9900 7 issued jointly in late summer. Moreover, the dominance of mobile gaming applications as well become an instrument of improvement achieved by its competitors, in this case the IOS device. Reportedly BlackBerry App World 3.0 will soon greet BlackBerry users. RIM promised beta version will begin in July. We wait for RIM's next step.

Backlit Keyboard on New MacBook Air

New MacBook with OS X Lion Air is expected to release within the week. Before the official appeared at the Apple Store, have a lot of leaks that appear on Apple's super lightweight laptops that.

Earlier there was news that mentions the new MacBook Air will be released in four models, each measuring 11 and 13 inches. Likewise with the Sandy Bridge processor technology and Thunderbolt. While the recent news that appears now is about the backlit keyboard on the new MacBook Air.

Backlit keyboard will be part of the new MacBook Air as one embodiment of an upgrade from previous models that release late last year. The lack of a backlit keyboard on the MacBook Air 2010 is enough to make a lot of online protest from Apple lovers. That's because on the previous model, the MacBook Air has a default option for backlict keyboard. Looks like when Apple releases MacBook Air 2010, Apple is considering the design and use of a battery that does not support a backlit keyboard.

For the MacBook Air in 2011, is said to have a design that is not much different from the 2010 model year by adding backlit keyboard system. With these features it is typed using a MacBook Air in low lighting will still be done, as it has existed in all the MacBook Pro.

Amazon Tablet To Compete with Apple iPad

News of the tablet output Amazon open new things. Amazon parties have also confirmed that they were preparing a number of tablets that Android will support their online services.

Latest news coming from Wall Street Journal. The paper mentions that Amazon's immediate release tablets Android 9 inches to rival Apple's iPad.
"Amazon Inc.. plans to unveil a tablet before October 2011. That is one way for compete with Apple Inc. which is the opposite of the Amazon in the online world market.

Seattle-based company also will release two new versions of the Kindle in the third quarter of this year. One of them is a touchscreen device, while others without a touchscreen. Both are an improved version of the Kindle that already exist and will be sold at a cheaper price. "

The existence of this tablet Amazon certainly is good news for the smartphone market. After the iPad, PlayBook and HP TouchPad, Android tablets will now have yet another new member to the Amazon label. The tablets also has many advantages because it will support a variety of services such as Amazon Android App Store, Cloud Player and various convenience of shopping at Amazon Store.